Tiles, stone & grout – faq

Frequently asked questions – tiles, stone & grout cleaning Click for the answers to the questions below.

Can I chip my tiles if I drop a heavy object?

Yes, you certainly will. Most tiled or stone floors are not ‘resilient’. Every effort should be made to prevent heavy objects from dropping on the floors. Areas on which objects are more likely to be dropped for example, the kitchen, area in front of the oven living areas and therefore should be protected as best as possible.

Can dirt scratch my tiled floors?

Yes, certain types of dirt like sand are abrasive and caused by people peoples feet and shoes. Vacuum your floors as often as possible in order to prevent this type of dirt scratching your floors.  Mats at door entrances and shoes kept outside front doors goes a long way in preventing and assisting the abrasion to your floors.

What are safe cleaning methods in between your specialised tile & stone cleaning?

When cleaning, try to avoid using highly abrasive materials such as metal pads. If they must be used, exercise extreme caution. This applies especially to tiles with a shiny surface, as these will show up scoring, scratching, and loss of gloss most clearly. Eucalyptus and tea tree water based oils are a great simple and effective way to keep your floors hygienically clean.