carpets & rugs cleaning – faq



Is steam cleaning a carpet the best or the only method you offer? Carpet steam cleaning is still one of the most effective Eco-friendly carpet cleaning options available today, as it simply uses extremely hot water (a known germ killer) as its cleaning agent along with the right chemistry.  This hot water is injected down into the carpet, loosening up dirt, germs, dust mites and all other particles in the carpet fibres, and is then powerfully sucked up with the water extraction machinery. However we offer our clients all major methods of cleaning and do feel strongly about which method is best suited for your needs.  Most importantly, we will listen to your specific desires and work to ensure we meet your needs for each service.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry after cleaning? Drying time can take as little as one hour in ideal conditions to over 24 hours in flooded circumstances.  It varies due to density of fabric, soiling, time of year and methods of cleaning.  or most other methods in normal circumstances will take approximately 2 to 4 hours. Fortunately we offer all major cleaning methods so we can suite the cleaning to your needs.  If fast drying is your main priority then we can make your carpets dry within an hour.

Can you guarantee removal of all stains from carpets? We wish we could but unfortunately some stains are permanent.  Products such as bleach will remove the carpets dye and bleach the carpet permanently.  Off the supermarket shelf products and inexperienced cleaners are usually the number one cause for permanent stains and irreversible damage.

Our secret is when accessing the stain that we believe is irreversible we will tell you upfront.  If we believe we can go ahead and attempt to remove a stain then our experience and professionalism is, we know when it’s safe to keep going and when it’s time to stop.

How often should you clean your carpets? Major carpet manufacturers recommend carpets be cleaned minimum once a year. Carpets not cleaned or maintained has a definite health hazard and potentially cause a variety of health problems.  We always say that you need to look at your situation for example if you have young kids and pets; we know all too well that this is a time when our carpets are at their worst.  Speak to us and we are happy to provide you with a maintenance plan or recommend that you get our safe spotter for those emergency actions.

Once a carpet is cleaned does it re-soils shortly after? This is true for those carpet cleaners who rush in and out and do not follow the full professionally cleaning steps.  We use chemicals to neutralise our cleaning so that there is never any residue left on your carpet therefore nothing to promote re-soiling through our cleaning methods.  In other words your carpet will be left soft to the touch, almost dry and residue free.  Not only will your carpet stay cleaner it will last longer.

Do ‘green’, eco-friendly carpet cleaning products actually work? Yes. Our eco friendly green products clean exceptionally well.  If it is absolutely necessary to use powerful cleaning products then we do carry a special line of chemicals that are still exceptionally effective yet safe, non toxic and healthy for you.  We will adjust our cleaning methods to suit your needs and leave your carpets looking great and healthy for you.

How soon can I walk on my carpets after you have cleaned? Great question, immediately.  A professional cleaner will never leave your carpets wet but almost dry to touch.  It depends which cleaning methods have been used to accommodate the effect of soiling. We only clean the carpet fibre and do not wet the underlay, backing or floorboards for that matter.

Should I protect my carpets and fabrics with a protector? This question often causes mixed feelings.  Some say it’s a selling gimmick and others say they would never have it any other way.  We say if you love your item that much and value that fact bodily oils, sweat, proteins cordials etc are not the things you want damaging your stuff then yes please do have us apply protection as this will save your carpets or fabrics. You only need that one permanent stain to know that you should have just done the protection.

Do you move any furniture?

Glad you asked.  We will move any large items that one person can be expected to move for example, lounge suites, beds with wheels, light furniture, tables or chairs.  We will not move any loose items lying around nor any heavy items like, fish tanks, book cases, ornamental cupboards, electric goods, computers, fragile items, glassware or items that have ornaments, cabinets and TV unit flat screen TV’s.


Can you clean all styles of rugs? Yes. We clean and revitalise all types of rugs: afghan rugs, oriental, acrylic rugs, Persian rugs, Chinese Rugs, Turkish Rugs, Moroccan Rugs, Navajo Rugs, custom rugs, handmade rugs, machine made rugs, shag pile  rugs, natural dye rugs & more.

What is your process when cleaning rugs? Each and every rug is different.  We treat each rug as an individual rug and use a professional cleaning method best suited for your  particular rug and one that meets with your needs. On average we use a minimum 10 step clean for every rug.

How often should I have my rug cleaned? If you want your rug to look its best for many years it should be loved for and cleaned professionally at least once a year.

Can you clean rug sonsite? Yes. We will come to you and professionally clean your rug in your home. We also provide pickup and delivery service for delicate rugs that require more specialised cleaning.

How much does it cost to have my rug steam cleaned onsite? Costs vary depending on the rug, style, size and degree of soiling.  We will definitely give you a price on site and only clean with your approval on price.

Do you offer off site rug cleaning ? Absolutely.  We arrange pick-up and confirm a delivery return date of your cleaned rug.

How long does the offsite rug cleaning take? Allow up to two weeks, usually a lot quicker. We will advise you when you will expect your rug back and make sure that you are satisfied with the drop-off date prior to taking your rug.

How long does it take to dry a rug after it has been cleaned? It can take anything from 4-6 hours and 24 hours for more specialised cleaning methods where your rug is taken away to clean.

Do you have a loyalty program as we have many rugs and would love for you to clean them all? We do have a loyalty program where we keep a card at our office and stamp each time you have a rug cleaned.  For every rug cleaned you receive a stamp, so on your 6th rug clean you get $20.00 off the cost of your rug clean for services over $110.00.

Can I pay for my rugs when you deliver them? Unfortunately not.  All rugs must be paid for prior to delivery.  Please see our payment options here?

Do you charge for pickup and delivery of rugs to be cleaned? Yes we do.  Our pickup and delivery service is depending on the area you live in and how far we have to travel.  We will advise you of the price on confirmation of your booking.

Can you give me some tips on how to look after my rugs in between your professional cleans? Rotate your rugs periodically so you get even wear.  The secret is to vacuum them on a regular basis but take precaution with the roller bar on certain rugs.  70% of your soil in rugs and carpets is dry soil so vacuuming is necessary to keep your rugs in perfect condition.

Do you have insurance for my rugs when they are picked up and stored in your facility? Yes. Our insurance covers your property, when it is entrusted to us for repair, service and storage.

Do you guarantee removal of pet odour from cleaned rugs? No.  It really depends on the condition of the rug and severity of the odour.  More often than not, we are able to remove all pet odours but do not guarantee pet odour removal.

What should I do if my rug is damaged from a flood or water damage? Call us as soon as possible because this can ultimately be the difference between saving your rug and having to replace it.  The quicker it is assessed and cleaned the better your chances are of saving your much loved rug.  We will certainly come and assess and explain what you need to do next and if we are able to save it we will give you an immediate quote and hopefully start the restoration process.  If the rug is not dried properly and completely, you open the door to mould and bacteria.

Can you apply rug protection on my rug? That is something we wish everyone would try and do.  The benefits are enormous in that you retard soiling and help prevent stains from becoming permanent. It’s child and pet safe and is non-toxic.