Professional cleaning and pest management – frequently asked questions

CARPETS: Is steam cleaning the best or the only method you offer? 

Carpet steam cleaning is still one of the most effective eco-friendly carpet cleaning options available today, as it simply uses extremely hot water (a known germ killer) .This hot water is injected down into the carpet, loosening up dirt, germs, dust mites and all other particles in the carpet fibres, and is then powerfully sucked up with the water extraction machinery. However we offer our clients all major methods of cleaning and will advise you, once we are at your home  or building, which method is best suited for your needs.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry after cleaning?

Drying time can take as little as one hour in ideal conditions to over 24 hours in flooded circumstances.  It varies due to density of fabric, soiling, time of year, seater conditions and methods of cleaning.

Can you guarantee removal of all stains? We wish we could but unfortunately some stains are permanent.  Products such as bleach will remove the carpets dye and bleach the carpet permanently.  Off-the -shelf products from supermarket  and inexperienced cleaners are usually the number one cause for permanent stains and irreversible damage.  If we believe we can go ahead and attempt to remove a stain and we can’t we won’t chhrge you.

How often should we clean our carpets? Major carpet manufacturers recommend carpets be cleaned minimum once a year. Carpets not cleaned or maintained has a definite health hazard and potentially cause a variety of health problems.  We always say that you need to look at your situation, for example if you have young kids and pets you may  need your carpets cleaned every six months.  Speak to us and we are happy to advise you and provide you with a maintenance plan.

Once a carpet is cleaned does it re-soils shortly after? This is true for  carpet cleaners who rush in and out and do not follow the full professionally cleaning steps.  We use chemicals to neutralise our cleaning so that there is never any residue left on your carpet therefore nothing to promote re-soiling through our cleaning methods.  In other words your carpet will be left soft to the touch, almost dry and residue free.  Not only will your carpet stay cleaner it will last longer.

Do ‘green’, eco-friendly products actually clean well? Yes. Our eco friendly green products clean exceptionally well.  If it is absolutely necessary to use powerful cleaning products then we do carry a special line of chemicals that are still exceptionally effective yet safe, non toxic and healthy for you.  We will adjust our cleaning methods to suit your needs and leave your carpets looking great and healthy for you.

How soon can I walk on my carpets after you have cleaned? Immediately.  As professional carpet cleaners will never leave your carpets wet but almost dry to touch. We only clean the carpet fibre and do not wet the underlay, backing or floorboards for that matter.

Should I protect my carpets and fabrics with a protector? This question often causes mixed feelings.  Some say it’s a selling gimmick and others say they would never have it any other way.  We say if you love your item that much and value that fact bodily oils, sweat, proteins cordials etc are not the things you want damaging your stuff then yes please do have us apply protection as this will save your carpets or fabrics. You only need that one permanent stain to know that you should have just done the protection.

 Will you be on time? We understand and respect your time and for our first appointment of the day we are always on time.  However certain factors are out of our control and we will make sure that we advise we are running a little late if the need arises.

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are fully licensed and insured.

What guarantee do you provide?

If you are not fully satisfied with the results – we wont charge you. After 30 years in the cleaning business we are confident that if we start a job for you we will deliver the best results possible.

If you have any other questions please feel free to contact BIG RED.