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tiles, stone & grout cleaning - Port Macquarie

tiles, stone & grout cleaning – Port Macquarie

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By using the very latest cleaning technology together with professional chemicals and processes we can remove the dirt and grime from your stone, tile and grout lines.  We also offer an anti-slip treatment to further minimise falls and accidents in homes, offices, commercial & industrial buildings and public spaces.

 8 steps to great tile, stone & grout cleaning & sealing

  1. Protect your home and furnishings
  2. Pretreat with specialised chemical
  3. Pressure wash and neutralise
  4. Special care to edges, rinse and neutralise
  5. Speed dry
  6. Apply sealer if requested
  7. Wipe baseboards
  8. Leave tiles, stone and grout lines dry

Tile cleaning and grout Cleaning goes hand in hand, however we do offer the services separately. If required you have the option of the tiles being re-sealed which obviously from a protection perspective increases the longevity of the tile.

We do it right the first timeWhat ‘kills’ a tile is the cleaning process itself. You probably wash your tiles at least twice a week. Every time you do that you leave a thin layer of water and detergent on the surface. The water dries leaving a layer of lime scale. The detergent hardens into a crust. And it builds up over time. Do it twice a week for a year or two and the build up becomes quite significant. Eventually the tile actually changes colour and becomes dull and dirty.

The worst areas are those along the edges, close to the wall and in the corners. It’s difficult to clean there so the layer accumulates much faster. Now the entire floor looks dirty and unhygienic.

And finally there is the grout. Grout is porous so it will actually absorb fine particles of dirt. It also absorbs sugars and fats, just what bacteria need to thrive on. It rapidly turns black. This layer of build up is extremely hard. So it’s impossible to remove. Until now the only real solution has been to cut up the floor tiles and have them replaced. And that is very expensive. It’s also very messy, disrupts productivity and can cause a significant loss in revenue in a commercial environment.

Natural stone

Right now it might not look like natural stone was such a great idea. You might even be considering replacing it. But that is very expensive and inconvenient. We have a a quick and inexpensive solution to the problem.


Another process that we do is one of tile stripping where we strip the old existing sealer off the tiles. Various solvents are used for this process. During this process all surface dirt that lays within the old sealer is removed. This allows us access to marks that have penetrated into the tile and also allows the new sealer to penetrate adequately and in so doing sealing making sure that the seal is perfect. This ensures a professional & complete tile cleaning process is followed.

Guard has 3 different types of tile sealers:

  • A Matt penetrating tile sealer…penetrates into the tile does not change the appearance of the tile
  • A color enhancing penetrating tile sealer…brings out the colors of old tiles
  • A top sealer…very shiny gloss

The tile sealers that are used by Tileguard are professionally made and not available for purchase as a DIY product in any of the local hardware stores.

The tile sealing process normally follows the tile cleaning process. The sealers that we use take approximately 2 – 3 hours to dry and usually involves 2 – 3 coats to ensure that the maximum penetration into the tile is achieved.

After 3 hours the tiles can again be walked on .

Various buffing pads can be used to create a glossy look according to the clients requirements.

We offer favorable tile sealing solution pricing for large amounts of tile sealer purchased.

If your tile is stone (slate, marble, granite, sandstone, travertine, etc.) or terracotta, then it will need to be sealed. Stone is naturally porous and will absorb spills and stain fairly easily.

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