Stains & odours – cleaning

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  • Attend to stain or spill promptly.
  • Scrape or blot up excess.
  • Work from the outside back into the centre of the stain to avoid spreading it.
  • Dilute with warm water and sop up excess with a colour fast towel. (Use cold water for protein spills such as blood).
  • Repeat for as long as you are achieving a positive result.
  • If the water and dry towel process stops working, use a warm water and detergent solution (1 tspn : 1 ltr of water) and blot dry.
  • Repeat for as long as you are achieving a positive result. In most cases this is all you will need to remove most fresh stains.
  • If more is required to remove residual stain, look for your particular stain in our Stain Removal Advice tab paying attention to the following points.
  • Don’t over wet with solvents (eg turps, eucalyptus oil and dry cleaning fluid), they can damage the carpet backing.
  • Dont use salt. Contrary to popular belief this only helps by drawing up some of the liquid. A dry colour fast towel will do a better job in half the time with less mess.
  • Don’t scrub!
  • Avoid bleach products.
  • If you can’t remove a fresh stain, keep it moist by covering with a damp towel. Not allowing it to set can make it easier to remove for a professional with the right products and equipment.