Mould remediation

Mould removal and remediation Port Macquarie and throughout the mid north coast NSW.

Simple wiping away the mould on a surface won’t fix the problem.  Mould grows back within 48 hours if  not treated properly . Mould inspection

  • Investigate the source of the mould problem
  • Moisture testing
  • Mould testing
  • Recommendations on how to deal with the mould problem
  • Quoting.


Our reasons for a complete mould inspection:

  1. We need to investigate the reason and source of your mould problem.
  2. Is there an ongoing problem causing the mould growth?
  3. We need to advise you of correcting your mould problem.
  4. We need to assess the damage and determine a course of action for mould sampling and moisture testing.
  5. There are OHS (Occupational Health & Safety) processes to follow; we need to wear appropriate PPE gear (Personal protective equipment).
  6. It’s vital that all care and processes are followed through this procedure.


` What can be involved in our moisture testing?

Moisture testing can help us to determine the cause of your mould problem and also assess the extent of the moisture damage to the house/building. This testing will also allow us to understand if the building has been properly dried after flooding or water damage.

We will need to assess the recent flooding or water damage to the house/building. We will need to test some of the high moisture rooms such as your bathrooms and laundry rooms. An assessment of ventilation within the house/building will need to be established.

Our mould inspection and initial report will determine the best process for removal and remediation of your mould problem. It will also assist us in educating you on how to manage the situation and further prevent mould problems. We help you return your property and contents to normal mould ecology.

We can also test for humidity, temperature and the dew point. This will assist us in establishing if there are any condensation problems and what course of action or environmental changes indoor may need changing in order to inhibit new mould growth.

Mould sampling and testing is an extra cost and will be discussed with you.
Some of our Mould Services are:

  • Internal treatments
  • Internal Removal and remediation
  • Surface mould removal and remediation
  • Contents mould remediation
  • Leather remediation
  • Carpet cleaning and restoration
  • Upholstery cleaning and restoration
  • Hard floor cleaning and restoration
  • Removal of mould damaged contents

And more…..
Some causes of mould:

  • Poor Light
  • Organic matter (mould can grow on virtually any organic matter)
  • Moisture and oxygen
  • Post flooding and water damage


Some moulds are known to be allergenic, toxigenic or pathogenic. Persons with health conditions such as breathing, asthma or allergies may be more sensitive to mould.
We can certainly assist you with a solution to your specific mould problem with an understanding of your mould background.
Before you give us a call, please answer as many questions below which will give us some background of your mould problem. When you call us we will run through more specific questions and establish the best solution to tackle your mould problems as well as book you in for our mould inspection process.

  • Is your mould visible?
  • Does it have a musty odour?
  • Do you have bushes, trees, foliage and debris around the house/building?
  • Insulation?
  • Is there wooden flooring?
  • Do you have carpets/concrete slab or wooden flooring?
  • Do you have under flooring ventilation?
  • Do you have air conditioning?
  • Do you use heating?
  • Do you use gas?
  • Have you had any previous
  • Has your house/building been flooded or water damaged?
  • Is it a burst pipe?
  • Is there poor light around the house/building?
  • Have you had any previous mould problems?
  • If you have had any previous mould problems, what has been done to remediate the mould problem?
  • Is any person at present suffering from the mould or have any health conditions?
  • How long has the house/building been wet for and has it been wet for more than 48 hours?
  • Do you know what types of materials have been used in the structure of your house/building?
  • Do you have any idea how old the house/building is?
  • Other?


Have mould treated promptly to minimise lasting damage.

You can be sure our professional team, trained in industry protocols for Microbial Hazard Remediation, will deliver the best results possible.